Professional online content gives you search engine stand-out and business credibility.

Kite Communications provides professional web content writing services to lift your online image and brand reputation with a focus on improving online results:

  • Improved search engine ranking
  • Targeted search traffic
  • Superior user engagement
  • Increased conversion

Whether you want your website landing page turbo-charged with search friendly content to boost sales of your latest online product, or generate a free whitepaper to raise subscriptions to your online mailing list and attract incoming links you’ll benefit from investing in professional content.

Emergency ‘Fix’

Kite Communications is able to give a full range of content based services, from a basic SEO repair session which rapidly improves your website dynamics by repairing text and optimising keyword search; to a much broader web content consultation which gets to the nitty-gritty of your website performance potential:

SEO repair -

What we do: Target areas to improve site SEO and optimise performance of key pages on your website quickly.

What you get: Report overview of existing site / SEO issues with your existing content along with suggested fixes for each reviewed page, as well as general content improvement suggestions you can apply.

Cost: £95 per page reviewed (minimum 3 pages)

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